Sunday, 25 August 2013

Insta of the week #1

So this is a new feature I'm going to be launching, so you guys know what I get up to between mammoth blog posts, and, of course, for more storytelling!

I'm a massive fan of Instagram, and have shamefully Insta'd almost 1000 pictures in my time. I've cut down a lot now, but still manage 2-3 a week, so I've decided to pick my best each week and share it with you, and the story behind it too.

So my first ever Insta of the week is going to be, duh, duh, duhhhh...

This one!

This is a picture taken from my very recent trip to Paris and Dijon for my Uncle's wedding, which I shall be blogging about very soon.

The location was a place called 'Lover's Bridge', one of the many bridges that crosses Paris' river Seine, except this one is unique. In homage to the famed City's title 'The City of Love' and to the hundreds of thousands of lovers who migrate their yearly to ardently express their affections, the bridge is absolutely covered in padlocks symbolising the partnership of countless loved-up couples.

Even for a love-cynic like myself, I couldn't help but express a secret little Awww.

Strolling slowly down the masses of padlocks and reading all the names, my mind soared imagining all these couples, where they could have come from, what they'd been through, if they were still together now. It was strangely comforting.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in your own life and dramas that sometimes it's almost impossible to think that other people really exist, let alone go through the same things too. And here it was, proof that hundreds of thousands of other people do.

Then one caught my eye.

It was my initials, K.O.

And underneath, C. L. A.

Obviously it was someone with the same initials as me, but for that split second, my heart stopped. I smiled and gently touched the cold metal. Another KO had stood here with his or her lover, in another realm of space and time, engulfed in their own world, their own love.

Although it was clearly dated, a daydreamy party of me mused that it was no coincidence that I happened to have found this one, among the seemingly infinite other padlocks on the bridge, and that perhaps it had been sent from the future.

I laughed at myself and walked away.

Who knows?


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