Saturday, 26 October 2013

Your Style Is Nothing But YOURS

Now as I mentioned in this post here, lately I've been really struggling with something as completely inane as what clothes to put on when I wake up in the morning.

I know it sounds so foolish, as there are so many other things I could be using my neurons to think about, but the pressure there is real. From working at an online fashion retailer CAGECITY and my upcoming internship with Cosmpolitan, it had become blinding obvious to me that I simply just did not know what my 'style' was.

There is such an overwhelming contradictory pressure for girls to dress fashionably and uniquely to express themselves that no wonder it's so easy to completely get lost between the two, and feel as though it is a fundamental problem.

But recently, I did something which seems to have dispelled these troubles.

I did something a little bit daring, and I dip-dyed my hair lilac.

And you know, by doing something outrageous, that I'd consider to be so 'not me', it has somehow totally shifted my perception of myself to a more neutral one.

I know it sounds a little bit silly, but by changing something about myself so dramatically, and there being no real dramatic outcome from it, it just showed me how inevitably pointless it all was.

Who cares if I don't know who the most critically-acclaimed designer of the most recent Fashion Week was? Who cares if I wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row because I really like them? Who in god's name gives a damn if the jumper I'm wearing is the exact replica of that one in Urban Outfitters at the moment but was actually bought from a charity shop for £2.50 last Wednesday?

I've learnt that if it's not me, then it's simply just not worth thinking about.

And most importantly I've learnt to not be so damned hard on myself. Just do what you want to do with your appearance and let other's do theirs.

Because all the while you are endlessly pining over girls you wish you could be, people you wish you could look like, there's probably someone else out there, even if just one person, who is secretly doing the exact same about you, too.

Who would've thought a bit of purple hair dye could give me such a profound realisation as this? Ha.


  1. come on katie you smart and good looking women enjoy you life while you still can and Don't Be
    hard on yourself

  2. Hmm... I guess the dilemma is more about "wanting" people to like our style to the point that we dress for others and no longer for ourselves...

    I love how you dyed your hair with purple to give yourself some sort of reinvention. ♡ :-)

    1. Yeah exactly! It's like living day to day in fancy dress, whereas wearing what you wanna wear is totally liberating, despite the fact that other's may not agree with it :) Thank you lovely x

  3. Good for you for coming to this realization! Life is too short to worry about what others think of you, especially when they are too busy worrying about how they look to even notice. I absolutely love your hair! Looks amazing. Keep being you!


  4. Your hair is gorgeous!
    New follower
    Gold Dust

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