Monday, 11 November 2013

The birth of Scarphelia's sibling

So as some of you may now, I recently started a spin-off blog from this one, called Scarphelia ETC.

You often see top bloggers like Llymlrs, Zoella, and VIPxo with two blogs/channels and I've always wondered why. Why don't they just consolidate all their posts into one and make it a diverse, content-rich blog?

But now I think I've finally figured it out - relevance.

Oftentimes I find myself experiencing something that I really want to blog about, but it just doesn't really 'fit'. It wouldn't make sense in the context of all the other posts and would look out of place and irrelevant. So I just don't.

But recently I've realised that I'm electively missing out. I created a blog because there was things that I wanted to write about, yet here I was letting things go because they didn't fit into the conventions of what Scarphelia has become.

But, if I did write everything I wanted to write about, for example reviews of products, my outfit of the day or favourite makeup brand, I would be a sell-out, completely losing my personally crafted identity to conform to the stereotypes of what a successful blogger has to blog about. And that was not why I started blogging.

But these are the things I actually want to write about.

Therefore I created ETC.

This way, I can retain the sincerity of what I've crafted on Scarphelia, but I can also allow myself a creative outlet to write about everything else, without compromising the integrity of the original.

In it's simplest form, Scarphelia is what I think and experience, and Scarphelia ETC is what I like and do. I will also be using ETC to chart 'The Perks of Being a Blogger' - all the crazy and amazing things which have happened directly as a result of becoming a blogger, in the hopes to encourage some people to give it a go too.

So if you fancy, pop on over to Scarphelia ETC and have a nosy around, (it's still a very young blog but I'm getting there!) and I would really appreciate it if you followed ETC on Bloglovin'. I follow back everyone off that account as I really want to branch out and create a beautiful network of bloggers!

ETC has already picked up some notice and some very exciting things are coming in the near future, and I'm very excited to share these with you all!

Katie xo

The Scarphelia's now have Instagram: @scarpheliablog


  1. You are so pretty. Love your blog :)

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