Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Ambler

Music has become my saviour lately.

I don't think I've ever been much of a musical person, really.

I've certainly not come from a musical household and none of my family play instruments or sing - but a couple of years ago I bought a ukulele on a whim and over time, taught myself to play.

And since posting my songs on youtube and joining the band, of which I will be posting about in full detail very soon... it's like this whole beautifully undiscovered world has revealed itself to me, and I am completely and utterly enamored.

And the strange thing is, as each day passes, I keep noticing little coincidences and idiosyncrasies which persistently direct me toward this indisputable conclusion that I was meant to do this. I was meant to find these wonderful talented boys and we were meant to create together.

I feel the band itself, Faux, has come to be this amalgamation of all the powerful, dark, gritty, raw passion I feel deep in my chest, and performing with them brings out this character within me, a side of me that's rarely been seen this past year.


The whole basis of this blog was to begin to explore the world and create amazing things while observing how the two differing sides of my character interact with these experiences.

The two differing and dominant personalities I feel determine my every action and explain my ever behavior. The personalities I named Scarlet and Ophelia.

And with Scarlet taking full flight as the frontwoman of Faux, I feel... home.

But despite that, I couldn't help but feel there was a tiny something missing, a small part of me that couldn't fully engage with it all.

And then, without any prompt or prior discourse, our guitarist Greg comes to me and asks if I'd like to start up a little side project to Faux, a really raw, simple, acoustic sound that encapsulates the essence of a certain perspective on the world, and relishes in the beauty of raw simplicity.


And so, sat out in the garden with nothing but a pen, a guitar and an idea, we wrote our first song on the back of some leaves in the late afternoon sunshine, and gave ourselves the name of 'Ambler.'

'Ambler' (n) -
A person who travels by foot for pleasure. A roamer, a wanderer, a wayfaring soul.

Our first song is called 'Skateboards', and you can listen to it here, along with our second, 'Her.'

And the final incredibly exciting news to come alongside this, is my good friends over at Gatherly have been in touch in regards to this, and Ambler will be performing some live music sessions for them in the very near future, to be filmed and promoted on their site. Not bad for a band that formed last week and recorded two songs on a phone, huh.

It really is all coming together.

And I can't remember the last time I was this radiantly happy. 



  1. The songs sound really beautiful, they're even better than I expected them to be. I can't wait to see the live music sessions! It's great that something that's making you so happy is also producing an amazing end result for others to enjoy!

    Imogen x

  2. Thats amazing, the songs are really great! Cannot wait to hear more :)

  3. This is beautiful!
    Eilidh xx

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