Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ambler & The Three Crowns Wine Fair


This whole music thing has become astonishingly surreal for me.

Just over two months ago, I wrote this post here explaining how me and Greg felt really inspired one summers day, sat out in the back garden,  wrote a song on the back of a leaf and recorded it on an iphone.

Now, we've played gigs, music festivals and street parties across the country, roadtripped up North and busked on the streets, had our first music video filmed and been offered regular paid gigs in an East London venue.

Sometimes Greg and I give each other this look of absolute dumbfounded disbelief at everything that is happening at the moment and I ask him how in god's name this is all working out so scarily well, and he just gives me this baffled smile and says "I don't know, it just does - It's us."

I've said it before and I'll say it a million times more - never, ever underestimate the power of driven, inspiring, passionate, positive thinking.

This is a dream come true for me and I continually have to take a deep breath sometimes to calm my frantic wayward thoughts that question what I could've possibly done to deserve all this.

I don't know. Maybe wanting it enough truly is how it works.

And in the grand scheme of things this is still all very small. There are millions of other bands that have fallen into obsoletion at a way farther point along the line than we even dream to get to, but the thing is, we dream.

And you know what, I don't really care if we never play a gig where the audience isn't 98% comprised of my friends and family. I'm not really fussed if we never play Bestival or the o2 Arena, or even brush up against the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury. To be honest, even if we never progress past songs written on leaves and back garden recordings, I'm not gonna feel bad, because this is the most beautiful, serene ecstatic fun I have ever had, and I'm loving every second.

And looking out across the people of the Three Crowns Wine Fest and seeing the faces I know and love so dearly with drunkenly whimsical expressions and pride in their eyes, I felt positively divine.

Thank you all who came down, and if for some lovely reason you'd like to listen to our music or pop along to a gig, you can find our Soundcloud here, find us on Facebook here, or watch out for gig announcements via my Twitter here.


  1. Well done Katie it brings warmth to my heart that you are living your dreams. Its great to read something like this the sliver philosophy, has paid off passionate, positive thinking is the key there. You hit the nail on head there hopefully one day ill see AMBLER live someday.

  2. i never knew about Ambler before but i like her music after listening to it

  3. Gorgeous pictures & sounds like such an amazing experience. I really love all of your blog posts so much so that I had to mention you in my latest post - Blogger Love Tag

    Sinead xxx

  4. Your music is beautiful, lady! It's my cup of tea entirely!

    Followed you on Twitter and liked your page so I can keep track of your certain success that is yet to come!

    Fox & Feather

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