Monday, 27 October 2014

Scarphelia x H&M - Halloween

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Entire Outfit - H&M

As any trace of summer begins to slowly retract from the day, the world begins a metamorphosis. The winds of change howl through the creaking branches, rustling the bright young shoots from spring and the stoic, year-long evergreens - a calling, a warning.

The trees, like the people, stretch up and shake off their summer garb, settling into tones more appropriate for the season; caramels, crimsons, ochre and pink. 

The world seems so bursting with life during the irony of it's spiral into the cold harsh winters of old, and as the people skip merrily across the cobblestones, a bewitching kind of darkness begins to follow.

And on that final day of harvest, the last tenterhooks of summer clinging on before they finally release for the year, when the inevitably of winter is now entirely unavoidable, it seems the line between life and death becomes blurred, indistinguishable for just one night.

The breathless children hurry inside to light their little candles, carved orange lanterns to ward off what the dark beings forth. The shadows come alive and wreak havoc of their own while the air hums with a mixture of thrill and fear. 

And as the living gather together in celebration of being alive, the dead come forth to follow suit, only their own celebrations a little more macabre, before they sink back into the shadows from whence they came, to return again, the next All Hallows' Eve.


As part of their new Halloween collections, H&M let me loose in their spook department!

They have a whole new range of super stylish witch-wear and gory garms so that you can officially turn the whole of Autumn into Halloween without being in fancy dress everyday (which I'm totally on board with.)

You can find out all about my brand ambassadorship with H&M on their site here, and see my other pieces alongside my fave bloggers.


  1. This outfit is perfect! I love that the high street shops are starting to embrace the Halloween dressing up trend but you're right, I would wear that outfit all autumn/winter lol! I love your lippy too!! Which shade is it?xx

    1. Thank you lovely! This is a bit different to what I normally do, but I bloody LOVE Halloween and love the fact we can celebrate it without having to look like we're in fancy dress haha. The lip colour is actually a Natural Collection lipliner in 'Mulberry' - Only 99p from Boots! I literally swear by it haha x

  2. I like the look and your makeup is flawless!
    My Beauty Blog

  3. Loving your make-up, Katie, suits you really well and the outfit is amazing!


  4. I literally just bought that top cause it looks so good on you, is the floral headband H&M too? xx

    1. haaaaa no way, fun! Yep, the headband, bag, top and skirt are all H&M :) x

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