Monday 18 November 2013

The 21st Birthday Treasure Hunt

This is the final segment of my 21st birthday, and the greatest and most extraordinary gift I have ever, ever been given.

I'd always lived so in fear of turning 21. To me, that marked the end of my window of opportunity to make something spectacular of my life. If I hadn't started to put wheels into motion by the time I was 21, the next thing I know I' be waking up 40 with a live of sheer dissatisfaction, any potential I once had, irretrievably gone.

Thursday 14 November 2013

A Week of Very Good News

All photographs above taken by me, and can be found on my Instagram. 

After seemingly endless months of slogging away, stressing to within an inch of my life to try and balance my internship, running two blogs and my Uni degree, this past week for me has felt like the first rays of sunshine that push through the clouds after the storm.

Saturday 2 November 2013

The Drowned Man - What Happens On The Inside

So this post is going to be a little different.

For my 21st birthday just passed, Florentine took me on one of the most insane and borderline indescribable adventures I have EVER been on.

It was called Punchdrunk's 'The Drowned Man.' 

For reasons in which will make themselves apparent, we're both going to tell the story, each from our different perspectives.

Disclaimer: This DOES contain SPOILER ALERTS. So if you don't want to know before you go, do not read on unless you're willing to find out what happens there.