Tuesday 15 March 2016

More Than Just Fertility - Talking Ageism With Jo Cruse

Truly nothing excites me more in life, than observing another human being - perhaps across the room,  perhaps on a stage, perhaps half-obscured and wrapped up in conversations with other people - but someone who is simply dazzles.

Not long ago, I wrote about 'The Quarter Club',  a female-empowering event I attended with Emma recently,  and there was one person in particular there who shone like a beacon for me. Not only from the speech she made, but the unapologetic fearlessness with which she confessed to having screwed up her whole life... but bounced back from it. I knew I simply had to hear more from her, so as the evening drew to a close, I propelled myself across the room toward her to insist we meet for coffee. Because there was one thing in particular that I felt compelled to discuss with her, and felt sure there was no-one on earth who could ease my worries like she could.

Why is it, that a woman feels so much pressure to have all her shit together by 30? Why do we feel that once we hit 20, we're on a ticking clock to make it - whatever that means to us - or we've failed forever? Why are we told to be afraid of the big 3-0, as if after that, we women have no use, value, or purpose?

Monday 7 March 2016

Top 10 Most Life-Changing Quotes from 'Vivienne Westwood'

"I guess my greatest inspirations at the moment are anything to do with pop culture of the 60's and 70's," I replied to kind folks of the Willoughby Book Club when they asked what kind of books I'm into. "Especially musical memoirs. I loved Clothes, Music, Boys by Viv Albertine for the reveries of punk rock London, and LOVED Just Kids by Patti Smith for the wistful nostalgia of love and art in New York City."

A week later, a hefty, beautifully wrapped green parcel was dropped through my letterbox. I unwrapped it with curious glee to find a hand-written inscription reading 'This book belongs to Katie Oldham' inside possibly the greatest gift I'd ever received.

"Well," I said holding up my new copy of Vivienne Westwood's memoir. "Looks like they've absolutely bloody nailed it."

Tuesday 1 March 2016

The One Where She Finally Realises It's Not All About Her

I could sit down and explain all of the epiphanies and inspirations which have instigated what I'm about to say and do, but I'll leave you with just this one:

'My duty is to understand. To understand the world. This is our exchange for the luck of being alive.

In the pursuit of ideas you will start to think, and that will change your life. And if you change your life, you change the world.'

- Vivienne Westwood