Tuesday 26 August 2014

An Exercise in Self-Preservation

To say I feel as though I'm 'going through a transition' at the moment seems like a bit of an understatement.

I've seen it before and I'll experience it a million times more I'm sure. It's just I seem incapable of staying the same person for too long. I guess I'm the queen of the identity crisis.

But this post isn't about that.

I mentioned in my last post that to be frank, my constant feelings of unfounded inadequacy are actually starting to really fuck me off, and I think that's the best thing that could be happening to me right now. The true problem would be if I felt little to no inclination to do anything to help myself. But I do, and I will.

I think what I need right now, is something to take my mind off it. A little indulgence in my favourite kind of therapy; writing.

Friday 22 August 2014

The Unfortunate Misfortune of being Fortunate

Yesterday I did something which I shouldn't have let myself do, but I had to.

I walked through Kings Cross station with fatigue in my step and a deep set exhaustion about my pace which couldn't be cured with a cat nap or a double shot cappuccino, and I entered the ticket hall.

I was on my way somewhere very exciting, as most of the things in the past two to three weeks have been for me. A non-stop cavalcade of new, thrilling opportunities, meetings and events... an explosion of activity and promise...