Thursday 19 September 2013

A9: S2 - Aesthetics

Strangers are very important to me.

The idea that are countless billions of people, thousands of which that may cross your line of vision on any one day, that have lives, careers, families, hobbies, secrets, pet hates and favourite things, is a head-achingly bombastic thing to contemplate.

The Darkness in Silver - Guest Post #3

by Áine Rose

'I sleepishly discovered Scarphelia one morning via a chance trend on twitter.

Instantly, I was awoken and engrossed, electrified to discover a youthful stranger on the same wave-length as me, albeit inextricably more refined.

There they were, the same infuriating questions about everything; questions I've always had, some I’d even forgotten about, but Scarphelia articulated them so precisely, it was like she helped me clear out overdue cardboard boxes from my mind, leaving me with capacious and ample space for discovery. But there were some things that I held quite different perceptions of.

Thursday 12 September 2013


I guess when it comes down to it, back to the root of it all, the whole point of me starting Scarphelia and this crazy mission was for one reason; To become remarkable.

The idea of turning 21 and never having done all of the things I dreamed of as a kid was absolutely... haunting.

I'd always had such clear and vivid dreams about what my future was going to be like, and it was only hitting 20 that I realised I'd done absolutely, cataclysmically nothing about it.