Rule #1

Be safe. Not everyone is as wonderful as yourself, but there are a lot out there who are. You must be able to judge a situation accurately. There is a difference between stranger and danger.

Rule #2

Keep the mystery. It doesn't work if you give too much away, you have to keep as much information about yourself as ambiguous as possible. Strangerism loses the ability to inspire with the more detail you give away. Hold back as much about yourself as possible because it's not about you, it's about them.

Rule #3

Keep romance out of it. As soon as it crosses that boundary it becomes tainted and sordid. This ain't about having one night stands.

Rule #4

Only ever meet once. That one night you chose to indulge in a bit of strangerism must be the only ever time you meet them. After that, the magic and mystery of that first meeting completely falls away and becomes less significant and the impact of it decreases rapidly. On both sides, Strangerism is about having just one singular profound moment with someone completely temporary, that will have an impact in your mind for the rest of your life. The main essence and basis of strangerism is the unknown - deriving meaning, finding reason and learning invaluable lessons from understanding all that you don't know.'