Thursday 22 August 2013

A8: S2 - The Silver Grid

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for being away for so long.

If there's one thing which is a fundamental DON'T as a blogger, it's to take a hiatus. But doesn't life have a funny way of panning out? This was never an intentional hiatus, it's just everything has been unbelievably hectic lately, and I haven't had any time to blog, mostly because of this new internship I have started working in the City.

Besides, the more time I'm off having adventures, the more stories I'll have to tell, right?

This internship has been the most incredible experience of my entire life. I have only been here two weeks, but already my life has changed dramatically. I'm commuting to the city every morning, working in an incredible office surrounded by bloggers and fielding emails from celebrities, PR Agents and hundreds of fashion journalists/bloggers, I've been appointed head of a nationwide model search and on the organising committee for a VIP PR event.

Day by day, Perfect Future is becoming a reality.

I want it to happen, and it's happening.

And you know what?

I don't think that's a coincidence.

Recently I watched an hour-long video on Youtube which didn't change my life.

It surprised and awed me to the very last second, and I felt a profound sense of enlightenment after I'd watched it, but it did not shock me. It was the opposite. (I'm not going to link this video as it deals rather controversially with the ideas of religion and atheism, and I don't want to tread on any toes. But anyone with an open mind who is willing to be enlightened with something a bit off the wall, contact me and I'll send you the link.) This video aired the thoughts about fate, destiny and luck that have always circulated around my mind, and I've always written about, and summarised it more perfectly than I ever could, despite them being my own thoughts.

You are the sole director of your own fate.

You were not put here for a direct reason, it's you who decides whether to give your life purpose or not.

Your imagination has far greater influence on the course of your life than you would ever expect.

If you want to be lucky, you can make yourself lucky.

And the people who realise this, start putting it into practise and really start to live... They are the silvers.

I was so surprised, because all the things I'd written about and have boggled my mind for so long were just thoughts which had circulated my brain from a young age. I'd never read about them in books, or been inspired from movies or television. It was like I was born with these thoughts in my head. And here I was discovering someone who thought the EXACT same things as me. And not only that, not only them... this video had millions of views and comments of people who were so shocked to find this, and other people who think the same too.


How is it possible for these millions of people around the world, who have never ever met and probably never will, from a whole range of ages, races, religions and social status, from the furthest reaches of the globe, in the most inconceivable places on the planet... how is it possible for all of us, independently to have had these thoughts?

How is it even fathomable that over a million completely random strangers were born with the exact same frame of mind, the exact same perception of the world and born already with the same idea, philosophy and theory... if it wasn't true?

Now I know this all sounds a little bit crazy, but I believe that all these people, silver people are connected somehow.

And I can prove it.

When I studied psychology in High School, we briefly learnt about the ideas of a 'Collective Grid of Human Consciousness' and the 'Theory of Collective Consciousness' - How people from across the world are connected in some ethereal cloud of like-minded thinking.

But I'd never really thought much of it.

However I'd been mildly intrigued by a case study called 'The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon.' To cut a rather long and drawn-out study short, this is what happened:

Some Primate Behaviourists were observing a group of monkeys on a Japanese island, to see how they learn from one another. They were giving the monkeys sweet potatoes, which they liked, but tossing them into the sand first. The monkeys did not like sandy tatties, so they had to learn a way to remove the dirt - thus they discovered that washing them in the sea got them clean again to enjoy.

It took quite some time for the monkeys to get the hang of this and pass it on, especially for the older ones, but soon they were teaching it to one another and all having a massive sweet-tattie banquet. More and more monkeys were joining the group, and the numbers started growing. But then something remarkable happened. For an inexplicable reason which has baffled scientists ever since, when one monkey joined, something pretty frickin' weird happened. As they are unsure about the exact figures, they've put it at a hypothetical 99.

When that last monkey joined and turned it to 100, there was a massive shift. Suddenly, every single monkey just knew what to do. Even the new ones, the old grandpa monkeys who'd never got the hang of it, all of them. They just knew what to do without ever being shown.

And even more remarkable than that, the monkeys on all the surrounding islands suddenly knew too. The researchers were stunned and baffled to find that monkeys across the sea, who had never even seen other monkeys washing their food, were now all doing it, completely of their own accord.


As most of you probably are, I was sceptical. They must have seen one of the researchers miming an action, or there must have been some scientific error to account for it. So I guess I just dismissed it as creative storytelling and got on with my life.

But it wasn't until recently, before I saw the video in fact, that I had my own shocking experience of it first hand, and started to think that perhaps... perhaps this wasn't just all mythical pseudo-scientific folklore after all.

I've always been a fan of a blog called Thought Catalog. It's basically a huge culmination of articles and thought-provoking essays from writers and bloggers from around the world - it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through their articles, when one really stood out to me. It was published on July 1st 2013, written by a girl named Koty Neelis and entitled:

It immediately caught my eye, for obvious reasons. So I began to read.

It didn't take long before a sickening, hot mixture of anger and confused horror began to rise in my throat.

My initial reaction was anger, as it was apparently clear that she had massively ripped me off. Her essay was more or less a word-for-word carbon copy of my first post on Scarphelia that I'd written in January 2013. And was worst, was that she'd done it so much dang better than I had.

Where I'd written:

" I believe that there are two types of human; silver people and grey people. I believe that every human being is born grey, but laden with limitless potential. Those who never quite have the epiphany of realising the latter, remain grey. Grey people live their lives blissfully unaware of more. They think on a consistent level, live a wonderfully unextraordinary existence, but are content that way. They're born, go to school, grow up, get a job, have children, retire, have grandchildren, die. Done.

But then there are the silver people. Silver people are the artists, the creators, the great thinkers. They see life as an adventure, plunge headlong into it, squeezing every drop of life out of existence. These are the reckless, the thrill-seekers, the adventurers, the people who live every day as if it were their last, the people who have great dreams and great passions, the people who believe that they are important, and strive to leave an impact on this world. The people determined to seek the more. "

She'd written:

" I believe there are two types of people: the drones and the dreamers. Drones are people who are perfectly great, nice humans. Drones may be a bit of a negative term for them and I don’t mean it to be that way because there is absolutely nothing wrong with having this personality type or following this life path....They go to college, get a job, buy a house, pack in the 401k, have a family, work work work until they are nearly dead. 

Dreamers, on the other hand, see the world in a much bigger picture and operate on a different frequency. Their scale of reference far exceeds their city limits, even if they have never had the opportunity to venture outside their own dwelling. Dreamers soak up words from books, images in films, and lyrics and melodies from songs because those are the things that feed them and nurture their souls and in return helps them create products of expression whether it’s a new social media site, a book of essays, a painting, photographs of war, or something else that connects us in a larger way.

Dreamers think bigger than most people, are unwilling to settle for zombie office culture, and want to create their own jobs. They are writers and computer programmers and entrepreneurs and musicians and other hungry souls who refuse to believe that this is the best that life gets. "

And the whole essay continued on in the exact same way as my first post had.

But then I took a deep breath, subsided my anger, and began to think. I decided to get in contact with her via Twitter, and after a shocked, partly-horrified and absolutely dumb-founded exchange from both sides, we came to realise that something altogether more remarkable and inexplicable had taken place.

Two girls, two writers from two opposite sides of the world, had both had the exact same thought, completely independent of one another, and had both taken to the web to vent our feelings on this, resulting in comprising two, almost identical articles, all whilst remaining completely oblivious to the other writer and the other article's existence.

How? For me, there's no other explanation.

I am now firm in the belief that, whether we are prepared to acknowledge it or accept it, silver people are all connected in some way. We already know we are not like other people, but I reckon it must go beyond that.

But I don't want this just to be a fantastical, sci-fi-esque shimmering spiderweb that hangs above all our heads. I want to make this silver grid real.

That's why, after the success of my first ever guest blogger, I've decided to open up the doors of Scarphelia to the silvers.

I've sent out a few emails already to people I would love to have on board, but this is open to all.

I'm searching for guest bloggers from far and wide to come and write with me, essays about inspiration, philosophy, spirituality, adventures, spontaneity, seizing life by the horns and living the shit out of it. So if you fit the bill, then I want to find you! Email me with any questions, ideas, thoughts:

Because you know what? Even is this whole 'consciousness grid' thing isn't real, and it's just one big ol' case of coincidence, I want to make it real. I want to reach out and connect to like-minded people and bring it all together to build a community. It might seem a bit ambitious, unrealistic and perhaps a little conceited, but if it wasn't for the Internet, I never would have found Koty or her article...and I know we are not the only ones.

So think of this as me shooting up my gleaming flare gun into the vast, dark, uncharted expanse of the Internet, in the hopes that some of you silver people will spot the faint glimmer of it glowing in the distance.

I don't know who you all are, but I know you're out there, and I want to find you.


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