Tuesday 27 May 2014

New York City Daily : Day 3

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I think this was perhaps my favourite day of our entire trip.

We began our day in Madison Square Park, where we took a delightful detour to find ourselves at the Highline, a disused elevated railway line which runs across the city. We strolled across the beautiful grassy pathway for almost an hour, before we descended to find ourselves near the financial district, and walked along the marina for a while.

We then decided it was time to venture into Brooklyn, and took the subway to Brooklyn Heights (which turned out to be a massive error but oh well haha.) Around late-afternoon we finally made our way over to the Whythe Hotel, just in time to sip a cocktail on their roof terrace and watch the sun set over Manhattan.

It was truly a spectacular sight to behold.

We then ended up accidentally making friends with two guys who owned their own hatwear company called Sazon, and after one too many cocktails ended up doing a photoshoot on the roof with them modelling their hats haaaaa.

We made pretty good friends with them and they invited us to a picnic the following day in Prospect Park.

We then went for dollar a slice pizza and tumbled on the subway back home.

Perfect day.