Thursday 29 May 2014

New York City Daily : Day 4

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This was our final full day in the beautiful city.

We began our morning with a wakeup call from the wonderful Antoinette from 'Letters To A' arriving at our hotel bright and early to start the day off to a tee. Antoinette is a fellow blogger currently living in New York City, someone whom I'd only known from Twitter. After a few daring tweets we decided that life was too short not to meet up whilst Floss and I were in the city, and we did so.

And she turned out to be honestly one of the most genuinely lovely, sweetest and most kind people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We nattered on for hours as if we were old friends catching up, and she walked with us throughout the morning, showing us her side of her city - it was simply lovely.

On the way to the world famous Tompkins Square Bagels, we popped into Max Brenners Chocolate Bar - the real life Willy Wonka's factory with pipes of steaming chocolate glooping along above our heads.

After chocolate and wonderful bagels in Alphabet City, we hopped on over to Brooklyn to meet the guys from the previous night, for that picnic in Prospect Park. To be honest, we were pretty apprehensive, because when someone says 'Aw yeah you should totally come!' It's very rare that they actually mean it.

But things are different in New York City, and we knew we'd forever kick ourselves if we didn't give it a shot. And  an hour later we were sitting in the spring sunshine with wine, cheese, the cutest little puppy and some of the friendliest, most hilarious strangers in the world, in the middle of a sprawling park in downtown Brooklyn, NYC.

Just, perfect.
As the sun began to set, we dashed back over to Manhattan to see what Central Park had to offer us.

We sat upon one of the great rocky outcrops and watched the sun dance southward between the buildings, and we mused upon our final evening in NYC, and our entire trip so far.

And we realised then just how goddamn lucky we were, just how magical this trip had been, and most of all, how fundamentally, almost inconceivably great life really was.

After a final meal out on our final evening, it was time to close our eyes for the last time on our first time in New York City, and prepare ourselves for the pain of returning to grey, dreary England the following afternoon.

This really was the trip of a lifetime, and the best 21st birthday present a girl could ever recieve.

And I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather have had this experience with.

So long, New York City. Until we meet again.


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