Friday 6 June 2014

The Silver Perspective

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I have been in some incredibly pensive moods as of late.

Forgive me if I sound a little self-centered, 

But sometimes I feel my thoughts are positively architectural.

My ideas, cities.

My theories, kingdoms.

The contents of my mind is so persistently rich, dense and exhaustingly complex, that I almost don't find it impossible to believe that perhaps this world around me has in fact grown out of my own solitary sense of perception itself. 

Built solely from my imagination, all that went before me, a sleeping state of non-existence, all after me, an entire figment of obsoletion, and all that exists is a 'now' - growing, expanding and evolving mere millimeters beyond the field of my own presence.

And it's then that I realise, if that were the case...

Despite the darkness, the evil and the malice in this world, the horrors and terrors, inflictions and infections, I would be so, awe-inspiringly, heart-wrenchingly proud.

If it was I that had thought up beauty, art, literature and nature,

If it was my choice that animals, insects, trees and flowers can exist,

That the sky sheds seasons and moods, and the ground incubates life and provides sustenance,

That it was my idea that humans fall in love and create life with one another, and sometimes feel an inexplicable instinct to simply hold anothers' hand in their own,

If it was I that conjured truth, morality, math and science, passion, music and memory,


That is when I realise that the world is good.

When at the mere passing thought of a humoured notion that it was mine, fills me with such trembling, electrifying sense of pride and wonder - Then I know, inherently, that the world is a good place, and life on this earth is beautiful.

I have seen darkness, believe me.

That sickening familiarity has sunk heavily-wrought tracks into my heart.

But perhaps that's what makes this all the more remarkable. 

Despite constantly lurking on the edge of darkness, to me, right now, the light has never seemed so bright.

And I think I've come to realise that... that is the key to happiness.


It's the way you look at the world, the way you choose to view the what happens to you, as opposed to the way others teach us to see the world. No-one gets out alive. But I truly believe that if you can find your peace and find our inner power, you do not have to leave this world unfulfilled. 

Change the way you look at the world, and the world will change for you.

And that, is the Silver Perspective.