Thursday 30 April 2015


In perhaps the worst kept secret known to mankind, I have some pretty huge news to share with you all...

As is no secret, at the start of 2015, after 4 years of plight, I decided to make the monumental decision to drop out of uni at the beginning of my final semester of my final year.

And I can honestly say that so far, it has absolutely been the best thing I could have done. My mental state is SO much healthier and stronger, and I feel full of the hope, positivity and inspiration that had long since been drained from me by academia. 

But I was suddenly faced with a hell of a lot of free time.

I picked up a load more hours at work to get myself afloat, but with the band boys still deep in their final year projects and being stuck in a crappy town with so little to offer, I spent far too long beneath the duvet, streaming endless movies online and demolishing book after book. It wasn't so bad, but that little niggle inside knew I was unfulfilled and wasting time.

There was no way I was gonna drop out of uni so dramatically and it not have been the best thing ever... So I began to do some research, and after a few weeks of emails, contacts and ridiculous ideas...

 I am SUPER FUCKING EXCITED to announce that in just under a month, on the 4th of June...



Okay, let me backtrack a little. 

My band boys had already secured summer jobs working as theme park ride operators in Busch Gardens (pretty much the coolest shit EVER) and the idea of being stuck alone in the UK was absolutely horrifying to me. 

I couldn't join the boys, but I knew I had to get OUT.

So I began searching all across the world for the most insane jobs. I applied for 6 in Hawaii, 2 in Costa Rica, I even applied for a monkey sanctuary in the Brazilian Rainforest, and lastly one in NYC that seriously caught me eye. I knew even then, that was the one I truly wanted. 

The job was working as 'Cabin mate' aboard a 1907 immigrant ferry which had been bought in 2005 by an eccentric millionaire couple who lived in a renovated Victorian schoolhouse on the edge of Central Park, who had converted the ship into a hotel, moored up in Brooklyn on the Hudson river - just across the water from the Statue of Liberty. 

I stared at the screen with my mouth agape. It was PERFECT.

And after weeks of back and forth and a very amusing skype interview with the sea captain, Gerry, (complete with yellow raincoat) I can now, with tears in my eyes, say that I got the job.

I have literally dropped out of University and ran away to New York to become a sailor, living on a boat in Brooklyn.  

Cannot wait to write this one in my future autobiography. 

And so here I am now - flights booked, notice handed in at work, found a buyer for my car and now packing up all my worldly possessions to sell on the internet before moving out of my flat at the end of this month, because, baby, I'm moving to New York City. 

At the same time, I would be a liar to say I wasn't at least a little bit terrified. 

But I can promise you this internet, I will be living the shit out of everyday that I am there. 

I will be taking all my cameras and laptops, and cannot wait to show you what my new life will be and all the insane adventures I get up to as one little British girl in the Big Apple. I only hope you'll follow along and join me on this ridiculous situation, until I do eventually return.

Also, I have just over 30 days left in the UK, so if anyone wants to hang out or go on adventure hit me up! And we can say cheerio to London in style. 

And if by some chance I have any New Yorker or Brooklyn readers or anyone travelling there this summer - I'M YOUR GAL! I wanna find as many wonderful people as I can out there, and would love the chance to show any visitors all that I've found on the way.

So there we have it, now the countdown begins as I try to throw my life in order for the biggest change I have ever experienced, and I spent pretty much every day listening to this song on repeat.

Ta-ra for now London and don't forget about me! I'm sure I'll be back before you know it to continue with more ridiculous adventures.