Tuesday 4 June 2013

Act Six: Scene One - Turning Great Ideas Into Positive Action

So I haven't posted in a while, mostly out of sheer excitement and planning for what is hopefully going to be not only the start of a very promising future for me, but also the end of me being average.

It's time to prove to the world that I can do it. I can be remarkable. And here's the first step.

Here is how I'm going to bag my dream job, just from a cupcake:

Step 1.
Built the website and created a QR code which links to it. 
Then got amazing local cupcake company in St Albans 'Heaven Is a Cupcake' to create me some beautiful bespoke cupcakes with the edible icing QR code on top.

Step 2.
I researched the names and locations of the head offices of the magazines I DREAM about working for. Cosmpolitan, Company & Glamour. Wrote down the names of the editors and the work experience staff.

Step 3.
I went to the best place on planet earth, Hobbycraft, and picked up some materials to create some sweet little cards address to the aforementioned staff to go inside the boxes. These cards say who I am, what the code links to, the reason behind them, and my contact details.

Step 4.
The staff at the magazines scan the cupcakes with their smartphones, and they are directed to 

Step 5.
Whilst enjoying the amazing cupcakes, they can have a read through the website, which has what I am looking for (summer internship) and sections  for my CV, Personal Statement, links to Scarphelia here, and examples of work that I have done online and in journalism.

Step 6.
They are so wowed with my creative and cheeky way of applying for work experience that they call me straight away and invite me for an interview. Or at least... that's the plan!


I am so excited about this, and tomorrow I set off to London to hand deliver these to the offices.

Because you know what? I had a read back through my old blog posts right from the beginning and it's become clear that I, and Scarphelia have changed quite a little bit. My purpose was to create something spectacular before my 21st birthday, and this to be log of it, but somehow the process of creating actually became the creation itself, and although amazing and completely unexpected, it has lead me to alter my path slightly.

So I went back, and found the root of why I started this blog.

'I will forever remain curious, and I refuse to remain unremarkable.'

I know that I can be amazing, and I know that I am destined for great things. 

But you can't spend your whole life waiting for destiny to come knocking at your door. 

You have to go out there and you have to find the destiny you are so adamant you deserve. You have to look Lady Fate right in her big gleaming silver eyes and say 'You know what? This is why I deserve my destiny." 

Whether it be indulging in Strangerism, taking chances and being outrageous, or just buckling down and working hard and putting great ideas into positive action... if there is one thing in life I have learned:

'Fortune Favours the Brave.'